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  1. chandra - 16-6-2017

    We had very bad experience, with bug bites. Our daughter got all bug bites on forehead, shoulder, and wrist. Very unpleasant thing happened. Sad that can’t recommend to friends.

    • Hôtel Brossard - 4-7-2017

      Dear Chandra,

      I’m very sorry that your daughter got bitten during you stay in Montreal. I understand your frustration in thinking that the bites were caused by bed bugs. I can assure you that we take bed bug threat seriously.

      Please know that your room has been thoroughly inspected by our team who are trained to find traces of activity from bed bugs. After a very strict examination, no bed bugs or traces of them has been found in the room, nor from any other insect for that matter. We looked everywhere that is possible and even moved the furniture and bed fixtures in order to find something. The room was finally diagnose has having no bed bug’s in it.

      Sincerely yours,

      Tanya V.
      Accommodation coordinator

  2. Michel Pronovost - 6-7-2017

    Check in is at 3pm, showed up early, but were told can not book until 3pm. Once back at 3pm, our room was not ready and had to wait 45 minutes. Once in our room, there was garbage still left and a dirty towel. As far as the continental breakfast, it is fine if you get a seat and if you can get to the food. The room is small and was overcrowded. Asked at the reception desk about the breakfast times etc. and the receptionist had no interest in talking about it. Our suite was as expected, but the front desk staff are not helpful or cordial in their dealing with the public.

    • Hôtel Brossard - 18-7-2017

      Dear Michel,

      Thank you for sharing your comments about your recent stay at our hotel. Please know that we sincerely regret not being able to fulfill your expectations during your stay. I understand the frustration caused by all the inconveniences you occurred. Your feedback is very important to us and we can assure you that we will use this information to improve our services. I do wish you are able to come back to our hotel because your experience does not reflect our standards for housekeeping nor customer service.

      Best regards,

      Tanya V.
      Accommodation coordinator

  3. Lindsay Hollywood - 11-8-2017

    Hello — I was wondering if you could tell me what pillows you use as I would like to order them? They were the most comfortable pillows ever! I have looked at a few stores already and cannot seem to find anything comparable. If it helps, we stayed in a room with one king sized bed. Is it possible to order one from you and have it shipped to me?

    Thank You!

    • Hôtel Brossard - 6-9-2017

      Dear Lindsay,

      I’m so glad you found your stay confortable. Although we do not have pillow’s to sell, I can tell you that they are bought at a Canadian company called George Courey.

      Thank you for your feedback and we look forward to seeing you again!

      Tanya V.
      Accommodation coordinator

  4. Puneet Singh - 21-8-2017

    Very bad check-in experience !!!!
    We showed up early around 10 am hoping that we might get a room once its ready (that is my experience from my 20 years of travelling)… to my surprise it seems the hotel has a strict policy where they do not give rooms until the clock shows their official “3:00 PM”. If we knew about this policy we would have planned accordingly. Anyways waited till 1p hoping that we might get a room however we got a stern rebuke from the lady at reception “i told you it will be 3p”. That was enough for us we stepped out did not return till 6p… !! I am not saying that the hotel has an obligation to give room before 3p but the way the staff handled the customer was very disappointing. Will stay away from this hotel on future trips!

    • Hôtel Brossard - 3-9-2017

      Dear M. Singh,

      I’m really sorry you had a bad check-in experience. As you know, it can be hard to guarantee a room before the check-in time of 3PM, especially since you reserved a junior suite. We only have a limited amount of suites and that is the reason why we could not give you a room before the official check-in time. However, this does not excuse the frustration you felt by the clerks comments. I will speak to her about this situation and make sure it does not happen again.

      I do hope you give us a second try.

      Best regards,

      Tanya V.
      Accommodation coordinator.