Fidelity Program

By joining our FIDELITY PROGRAM, not only will you earn HB points on your account, you will also benefit from many advantages for each stay with us. Savings, free nights, discounts & exclusive privileges.


Earn points with every stay HB
Every dollar spent (Room rental) will automatically become the point HB and everything will accumulate in your account. A front desk clerk will inform you of your balance at any time.


Use your HB point as you please
You can use your points to pay for HB in whole or in part your stay with us. HB points are redeemable for certain elements to the card.
Use your HB point upon obtaining HB 140 points to your account.


How much are the HB point
HB 1 point = $ 10.00 spent


Join with ease
Tell a receiving clerk for your interest in participating in our loyalty program and your membership will be processed shortly.


Contact us: 1 877 890 1008



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